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We are capable of mass customization and personalized design of products and parts
Camper trailer
Camper trailer
Camper trailer
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spare parts
spare parts
Rongcheng Compaks New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is established in May,2014, with more than 360,000 square meters factory area and over 100,000 square meters construction area. An annual production capacity of 4000 Caravans and 6000 Camper trailers can be guaranteed. The Products of Compaks have been delivered to Australia, the USA, South Korea, South Africa, EU etc., except for the domestic market. It has ranked 1st among the Chinese exporter of off-road camper trailers since 2016 for 4 consecutive years.
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First class Warranty and Service
Warranty& Service
Warranty of Compaks
Warranty of Compaks
• For your benefit all the time:
Compaks has great experience for the warranty of our business partners. A 5-year chassis warranty and an 1-year whole body warranty can be guaranteed. The warranty we provide for you including spare parts with cost price, free extra spare parts and free technical support. An experienced aftersales team will be at your service all the time
Service of Compaks
Service of Compaks
• Considerate and comprehensive
The service provided by Compaks cover all the way through the whole process of trading: Customized delivery service, import support, policy analysis etc.
The professional equipment applied in the factory including :
  • • Automatic spraying line
  • • 4 general caravan and camper trailer assembly line,
  • • Auto pipe cutting machine,
  • • Welding robot,
  • • Professional road test facilities for the products,
  • • Rain test room
  • • Other QC schematics including workpiece finishing test and battery smoke test.
Customized and
personalized design
Among all the 1000 employees, we have an experienced R&D team, which is composed of engineers as camper trailer practitioner for over 10 years. We have the ability of mass customization, designing of the trailer products and spare parts as you required.
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We are capable of mass customization and personalized design of products and parts
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We are capable of mass customization and personalized design of products and parts
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No. 187, Xinglong Road, Rongcheng, Weihai, Shandong.
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