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In the era of mass tourism, Compass RV is with you! ! !
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In the era of mass tourism, Compass RV is with you! ! !

Exhibition dynamics
2016/03/01 11:23
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On the morning of March 5, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang made the "2016 Government Work Report" at the 4th meeting of the 12th National People's Congress. The full text of the report mentioned "tourism" a total of four times, of which, in the third In the 2016 key work, the big item mentioned “implementing the paid vacation system, strengthening the construction of tourism, scenic spots, self-driving camps, etc., standardizing the tourism market order, and welcoming the emerging era of mass tourism.” Just 49 The word has profound meaning. The following is a summary of the 2016 Government Work Report:

2016 key work
(3) Deeply tap the potential of domestic demand and open up more space for development. Moderately expand the total demand, actively adjust the reform demand structure, promote the effective docking of supply demand, the organic combination of investment and consumption, and the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, and form a stable and lasting domestic demand support for economic development.
Enhance the basic role of consumption in driving economic growth. Adapt to the trend of consumption upgrading, break down policy barriers, optimize the consumption environment, and safeguard consumer rights. Support the development of service consumption such as pension, health, home economics, education and training, culture and sports. Encourage emerging consumption such as network information, smart home, and personalized fashion. Encourage online and offline interactions to promote the transformation of physical business innovation. Improve the logistics distribution network and promote the healthy development of the express delivery industry. Actively use the used car market and accelerate the construction of urban parking lots and new energy vehicle charging facilities. Piloting consumer finance companies across the country to encourage financial institutions to innovate consumer credit products. Reduce the import tariffs on some consumer goods and add duty-free shops. Implement the paid vacation system, strengthen the construction of tourist transportation, scenic spots, self-driving camps, etc., regulate the order of the tourism market, and meet the emerging era of mass tourism.




Rongcheng Kangpaisi New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. was established in May 2014 with an investment of 150 million yuan to build the Kangpaisi RV Industrial Park. The park covers an area of 450 mu and the total construction area is about 100,000 square meters. The main research and development, production of trailer-type tent car, trailer-mounted hard-top car and self-propelled RV, RV parts, etc., from the material research and development, technical design, parts production, vehicle assembly, after-sales service, etc. to achieve integration of the upper and lower industry chain .

The Compass car is centered on the spirit of craftsmanship and the ultimate spirit is the concept. Here, quote a word from Lei Jun: Our biggest challenge is how to constantly make products that scream users.
In the era of mass tourism, Compass RV is with you!
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